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Eizat Alhayat: Expert Project Management in Dubai

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With the acquisition of knowledge in fields related to management – we take a step forward towards shaping the future

Eizat Alhayat Project management

An innovative approach to the realm of management

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Why choose us for your management needs?

We are engaged in providing training, consulting, and executive services in various fields of Management :

  1. Training in management standards and techniques (to enhance knowledge)
  2. Training in project planning and control software (for senior professionals and project managers)
  3. Business income enhancement solutions (for transitioning from static to dynamic states)
  4. Digital marketing strategies and solutions (for the growth of all businesses in the digital world)
  5. Introducing management plans and structures based on global standards (to achieve the highest management levels)

Our services and activities:

With a network of experts and professional management consultants, we offer specialized consulting, implementation, and training services in the field of management.

These services include:

  1. Feasibility studies and economic evaluation.
  2. Management and consulting in advertising strategies.
  3. Examining and preparing suitable infrastructure for advertising in the virtual and other media spaces.
  4. Business Intelligence.
  5. Knowledge management solutions and document workflow.
  6. Providing suitable structures in various parts of the organization.
  7. Agile planning and execution for startups.
  8. Team assessment and team building for large organizations.
  9. Improving resource utilization and providing solutions for business development in the shortest time

Our long-term goals include:

  1. Providing education, consultation, and implementation of standard management structures to foster the development of startups, technology ventures, and innovation in the national ecosystem
  2. Knowledge development and localization in areas such as marketing, dynamic advertising, technology development, and innovation with strategic planning
  3. Expanding both soft and hard social skills in management and team-building using the latest global methods
  4. Enhancing cost efficiency and fostering creativity in technology and innovation

The history of knowledge management in the world:

The systems and methods of conducting affairs, which were drawn from inherent capabilities and expanded through advancements in management knowledge, have evolved over centuries. In recent years, with the rapid transmission of information, management has become a separate and serious process. In the global business scene, where companies constantly seek a competitive edge, the use of standard structures has become a key factor for achieving better results.

Who are managers?

Managers bear challenging responsibilities and tasks. They must assess and evaluate all aspects and feedback from their activities and stakeholders. With accurate and reliable information, they establish control structures for scope, time, costs, organizational resources, and assets. They manage quality to maximize customer and stakeholder satisfaction, increase the likelihood of positive risks, and mitigate negative risk impacts. They handle internal and external logistics, manage influential stakeholders, and ensure efficient resource management. To succeed and perform activities correctly and in a timely manner, managers must develop specific skills. They need to analyze and evaluate societal information and effectively communicate with others; otherwise, effective activities in the management field will be very challenging and complex.

A manager must:

Clearly explain the policies, objectives, and organizational direction and provide documents demonstrating the strategic nature of these activities, showing what will be achieved and how stakeholder satisfaction is attained.
Define scheduling and then assign individual tasks. With scheduling, the manager should adjust the budget management plan to maximize efficiency and optimization.

Tools and Techniques:

The use of tools and the implementation of techniques must be precise to ensure that all members have the necessary resources to carry out their tasks. Social soft management techniques can be used for this purpose. Project managers, with the skills they have gained, can schedule, plan, and execute various organizational activities in the best possible order, using both soft and hard skills.

Processes can be categorized into five process groups:

  • Initiating Processes (Specific to projects)
  • Planning Processes (Projects and operations)
  • Executing Processes (Projects and operations)
  • Monitoring and Controlling Processes (Projects and operations)
  • Closing Processes (Specific to projects)

These process groups define activities that are closely related, and managers must pay very close attention to them as they are crucial for achieving specific results and objectives.

Pioneers of Knowledge Management :

The foundation and formation of this knowledge can be observed in the construction of intercontinental railways in the late 19th century. In the early 20th century, Frederick Taylor introduced this knowledge and transformed industrial commerce by introducing a structured approach. Taylor, instead of demanding more effort from workers and employees or extending working hours, laid the groundwork for intelligent activity by implementing strategies to increase efficiency.

Taylor and Henry Gantt, who was one of Taylor’s assistants, contributed to the establishment of distinct disciplines in industrial psychology, human resources, and marketing. These principles and approaches quickly gained popularity in various industries. Although the details varied greatly in terms of timeframes and industries, the fundamental principles and frameworks remained unchanged. To achieve success, all employees and workers must coordinate their work within the program framework to complete the project and satisfy customers or stakeholders.

Eizat Alhayat Project management

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